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The Foothills Symphonic Band is open to proficient musicians who can sight-read music at a minimum level that is equivalent to an upper level high school band.

Prospective members should fill out the below form and the Foothills Symphonic Band Personnel Director will communicate this information to the Executive Board and the Conductor to determine eligibility and need. If there is an opening in the appropriate section and the proficiency level criteria are met, the prospective player will be invited to play with the band for the series of rehearsals leading up to and including a performance. The section leader, Executive Board and Conductor will then make a decision about membership.

Prospective members may also be recommended by a current band member. The recommendation must be made to the Personnel Director. The decision to invite the prospective member will follow the above eligibility process.


With only a few rehearsals scheduled for each performance throughout the year, each member should plan on being at each rehearsal.

Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings and will begin promptly at 7:00 PM and will end at 9:00 PM unless otherwise communicated with the membership well in advance of the affected rehearsal(s).

Members that are unable to participate for more than half of the regular season or unable to perform at the level expected of the ensemble may be dismissed from the ensemble.


The Foothills Symphonic band is a non-profit volunteer organization supported by donations to the Foothills Pops Music Association (FPMA). Members are requested to support the band with a membership to the FPMA of $40.00.

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